Functional Scope

Our collaboration with the project stakeholders involves defining the functional boundaries of the project, outlining the objectives the organization aims to accomplish through the implementation of the technology. This process proves beneficial for organizations seeking to engage a design-build AVL integrator as it guarantees effective communication and a clear understanding of the required tasks.

Preliminary Designs / Budgeting

Our services encompass budget planning, where we assist in allocating resources for the project. Additionally, we provide initial designs that outline the fundamental aspects of the system, employing system diagrams to enhance understanding and visualization.


By presenting comparable projects, we can assist the project owner, architect, and end user in establishing benchmarks for their project goals. This valuable exercise aids in distinguishing preferred elements such as functionality, presentation, user interfaces, and more, helping to clarify their preferences and requirements.

Complete System Design

Our team completes a thorough needs analysis, meticulous system design, and a detailed bill of materials. This includes an estimate of labor costs and equipment MSRP to provide a comprehensive understanding of the project’s requirements. Please note that bid documents are not included in this scope of work.

Bid Process and Documentation

In addition to our design services, we provide bid documentation to streamline the process of selecting a competent AVL Integrator. This documentation aids in effectively evaluating and choosing the most suitable candidate for the project.

Process Verification

During the construction phase, we conduct a comprehensive assessment of the AVL Integrator’s progress and the quality of their work. This critical review enables us to verify progress billing and identify any potential issues at an early stage, ensuring prompt resolution and smooth project execution.

Project Retainer

Certain projects are characterized by frequent and rapid changes. To accommodate such dynamic situations, we offer retainer services throughout the project duration to address any emerging modifications. Our team prioritizes change order requests promptly, ensuring efficient processing and seamless integration of necessary adjustments into the project.

Performance Verification

We conduct comprehensive system testing and document the performance of the installed system. Our diligent efforts involve verifying that the system operates in accordance with its intended design, ensuring its functionality and adherence to specifications.

System Training

We collaborate closely with your team on-site, providing training sessions to equip them with the necessary skills to effectively operate the systems. Additionally, we offer the option to provide system training manuals, which are not included in the initial bid process, to further support knowledge transfer and enhance system utilization.

Recommendations / Evaluations

Our team will meticulously catalog and assess your existing AVL systems, offering expert evaluation and recommendations for upgrades based on the latest AVIXA design standards and tailored to align with your organizational objectives.